The Little Light (Book Review)

“With death, there is always rebirth.”

Mythologically thrilling and spiritually uplifting, “The Little Light” by Dipa Sanatani beckons the readers to venture into the voyage of awakening their inner soul and discovering the mysteries of universe.

On the eve of its birth, the Little Light finds itself in the topsy-turvy world of the Planet Party in the Cosmic Womb, where anything is possible and anything can happen. The Light Light must do all it can to listen, learn and ready itself for the path which will lead it to its destiny on earth.

Rarely does one finds such an incredible plot idea which mingles mythology with spirituality, metaphysics with philosophy and fairy tale with enlightenment. Such flawless is the amalgamation that it seems as if the concepts had always been interrelated and were meant to be inseparable.

A particular element of mystery is consciously hidden since the beginning of the tale and the shroud of suspense is not broken untill the end; but the readers are constantly reminded of the mystical secret that keeps their curiosity alive.

As the Little Light slowly grows with all the wisdom it receives, the readers too are enlightened along with it gradually as the spiritual aura sucks them into its world. The books embarks upon the journey of exploring the unknown plans of the universe and discovering the infinite possibilities of life’s mysteries.

The idea that light cannot exist without darkness for darkness is needed to know the value of life is a recurring theme in the story which is illustrated through various signs and symbols.

The story becomes quite relatable slowly as it begins to depict how difficult life is on earth where besides facing the hardships, pains and adversities, one also have to pay for being different from the others, for thinking in a different way than expected and for being their own unique self.

Blessed with lucid language, swift flow, smooth narration and subtle humour, the book is ideal for the lovers of mythology, spirituality, folklore and fairy tales.

Even the readers who are not quite a fan of the above genres, the power of creative imagination that the book showcases can serve as a great reason to put their reading glasses on.

The metaphysical and philosophical concept that the book deals with shows the author’s deep understanding. Also, the depth of mythological knowledge imbued in the book proves that the author has done a thorough research.

Although the book doesn’t end in any prominent cliffhanger, yet the ending has a slight hint of a sequel that might tell the tale of the struggles of the Little Light as a human being in a cold hard world and her victories as an evolved soul.

The character sketch in this book is mainly about the humanisation of the celestial bodies and the personification of the natural phenomena which is done with great artistic efficicacy. The features of each celestial beings are depicted with perfect efficiency that matches with their role in the universe. The inquisitive Light Light is bestowed with wisdom and optimism which combined with her determination to complete her soul mission will help her to emerge victorious in the long run.

The unique title is enticing in the sense that the astounding concept of Little Light is simply unheard of and hence the title at once lights the spark of curiosity as well as mystery in the mind of the readers.

The captivating cover sows the seeds of mystical thrill starring a scene from the enigmatic cosmic gathering of the celestial beings with the Little Light and her spirit animal standing in the middle of it. The readers will be required to read the story in order to understand the full implications of the cover.

Beaming with spiritual energy and supernatural thrill, “The Little Light” by Dipa Sanatani ushers the readers into the enlightening discoveries which are waiting to make a change deep within one and all.

“Life is not meant to be foretold. It is meant to be lived.”

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